Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Create Focus

Focal points add interest and
depth to a garden,
lead the eye through a space
and provide a visual resting place. 
Create a focal point through contrast - 
a different material, size, shape, texture or color
draws the eye and anchors the scene.
The possibilities are limitless...
...a bit of whimsy in a bird house...
...style through sculpture...
 ...a pretty planter against a plain fence...
...even a well placed tree.
Another way to describe a focal point is
Although this planting has
repetition, contrast and interest,
the lack of dominence
means the eye has no place to naturally rest.
It lacks a sense of cohesion.
Plants can become focal points
that change throughout the year.  
Blue Siberian Iris (Iris siberica) are the star attraction at the moment. 
As the Iris fade, focus will shift to the purple Barberry and pink roses. 
In winter, the tree and boulder will take prominence.
In fact, all these features provide interest now,
and provide a path for the eye to follow, but
because there is dominance,
the composition feels balanced.
 Brilliant white blooms
transform a simple lamp post
into a seasonal star.
The weeping hemlock 
will step up
when winter works its way
on perennials and deciduous shrubs.
Good planning
creates a succession of focus
through the year.
 Summer Lavender stands out
against a sea of green. 
As its flowers fade, 
the grasses will come into
their fall glory,
and steal the scene. 
Still later,
stately evergreens
stand ready to take the helm.
 Well placed plants 
"frame" and enhance the focal point,
a soaring Blue Atlas Cedar.

Read about more landscape design strategies here.


Anonymous said...

Focal points, demonstrated so very artistically.

sensiblegardening said...

The birdhouse is fantastic. And the large trees, What a treat to have tress of that size and character.

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