Good Garden Books

The Comprehensive Guide to Growing Flowers Organically,
by Karan Davis Cutler and Barbara W. Ellis

A hefty and comprehensive book with plenty of inspiration plus nuts and bolts for beginning and experienced gardens alike.  Sections on planning, planting and maintaining a garden get you started, then flower profiles fill the second half. Buy it here

The Edible Front Yard by Ivette Soler

This book will inspire you to look at your front yard in a whole new light.  Great ideas on using ornamental edibles in surprisingly beautiful ways.  Includes recommendations for plants which not only feed the body, but offer ornamental value to earn their place in the front yard.  Buy it here

If you'd like your garden to be high on low maintenance plants, Tracy's book offers some enticing options.  All her plant picks are filtered through a rigorous checklist of qualities including including: deer resistant, insect and disease resistant, minimal or no fertilizing, non-invasive and drought-tolerant.  This book is sure to help you expand your palette of easy to grow plants without sacrificing the show.  Buy it here

by Tom Fischer

Do photos jump start your creative juices? Then this small book will be a great resource.  A plethra of perennial combinations are pictured and identified.  The plants are shown at their peak display and organized by bloom season.  Abbreviated cultural information is included to help steer you in the right direction.  Buy it here

Gardening for All Seasons by Creative Homeowner 
Want to make sure something interesting is happening in your garden all year round?  Gardening for All Seasons can help you make it happen.  Plant palettes are provided for each season, with the lists organized by flower color.  The sumer section includes specific instructions for cutting and conditioning a number of popular flowers as well as for drying flowers.  A good addition to any gardeners library.  Buy it here


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, this may be useful to newcomers to orchid-growing :
An Illustrated Guide To Growing Your Own Orchids
by Wilma Rittershausen
published by Salamander Books Limited, London.

Like you, I do a lot of reference work when I need ideas for my garden. I own lots of books on gardening...also just to look at the pictures and be inspired! Cheers, Rosie

Chris said...

Thanks for being the first to share a book recommendation! I hope to do some book review posts during the winter months when I'm stuck inside and books provide a way to "get out in the garden."

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