Thursday, August 25, 2011

God's Garden in Austria

What garden can compare with
the  beauty of God's creation?
The Austrian Tirol is certainly one of His masterpieces.
What a priviledge it was to be surrounded by
such glory for a few days.

Photo by J. Harris
"You answer us with
awesome deeds of righteousness,
O God our Savior,
the hope of all the ends of the earth and of
the farthest seas, who formed
the mountains by your power...."
Psalm 65:5,6

Photo by J. Harris

Photo by J. Harris

Photo by J. Harris 

Photo by J. Harris


Photo by J. Harris

Thanks to J.Harris for allowing me to
use her photos,
masterful captures of an awe-inspiring place!

Austria was a brief stop on our way to
another beautiful place... stay tuned!


Toni - Signature Gardens said...

Hey Chris! Welcome back!! I've missed your posts. These pictures are absolutely amazing. Wow, must have been a wonderful trip. Looking forward to more pictures.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a safe return. What a wonderful trip and experience. And those photos are to die for, both the photography and the scenery.

Chris said...

Toni: Thanks so much! It was an amazing trip - I'm very thankful we had the opportunity to revisit places with wonderful memories.

GWGT: Yes, the scenery is incredible and we were blessed with unbelievably beautiful weather to enjoy it in!

Shyrlene said...

Phenomenal photographs. Thanks so much for sharing them!

Giga said...

Ale cudowne widoki :-). Pozdrawiam

Chris said...

Shyrlene: Perfect weather helped - this was our vacation spot for many years and we were blessed to be able to return for the first time in 6 years. I don't think we ever had such splendid weather as we did on this trip.
Giga: Thanks so much! I had to translate your comment - Polish is different enough from Slovak... be sure to come back to see some photos from the second part of our trip!

Alistair said...

Wow, Chris, that is what I call scenery.

Chris said...

Alistair: It is truly an amazing spot. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you were here!

Cat said...

My husband and I visited Austria on our honeymoon...thanks for reminding me of such a sweet time in our lives. Absolutely beautiful!

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