Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gardeners are the Friendliest People

Gardeners are some of the friendliest people.
It stands to reason.
The beauty of a garden is to be shared.
What gardener isn't happy when
the beauty they've shaped
is enjoyed by others?  

I've enjoyed some delightful visits with gardeners lately. 
Always on the lookout for examples of good garden design,
I'm often out and about with my camera. 

Although I'm careful to stay on public property,
if I see an owner, I make a point to
ask their permission to photograph.
Without exception, the response has been positive.  
I've been treated to mini-tours and
wonderful exchanges of information. 

It's always a treat to talk plants with
someone who knows and loves them as well.
Now, if only I would carry paper and pen to
write variety names down! 

Several of the gardeners have asked for the name of my blog. 
If they've been checking,
looking for photos of their garden,
they may have been disappointed,
perhaps even questioned my intentions. 
It's been a busy spring for a number of reasons (all good), and
I'm woefully behind in posting.

These shots are of gardens that you've seen, or will see in posts -
all beautiful, 
each unique,
the work of
talented gardeners
with whom I've been priviledged to visit.

I want to thank them for their
time and generosity in
sharing their gardens with me...
and with you.

The next time you see a gardener at work,
be sure to stop and say hello. 
You'll be glad you did.



Toni - Signature Gardens said...

Oh, these gardens are gorgeous. Wish I could have gone on the visits with you. You're right, gardeners are never strangers. Mention you're a gardener and all of a sudden you're talking like you've known each other all your lives. I am opening up my garden this weekend so that others can visit. I just love to share it with others who enjoy gardens. What's the fun if you just keep it to yourself. I totally understand being behind on blogging. It's difficult to find time to do it all -- gardening and blogging. I just recently have been able to post again because things are slowing down some....for now :-)

One said...

These are some very beautiful landscapes. I'm glad you got them captured and are sharing with us. I hope the owners get to see their beautiful garden in your blog too. Things in the garden change all the time. It's nice to have some great captures in the blog to go back to.

Alistair said...

What you say today is so very true and I for one will make a point of practising what you preach. Terrific garden shots.

Anonymous said...

I go out and randomly take photos of peoples gardens and agree, there are some really nice people out there willing to take you all around their private space. Just the other day I was taking shots and a woman comes out and asks me if I am a professional. I say no, but I do a blog and if she wants to see photos, go there. What happens,is she calls me back and offers me a job creating her website and taking photos. Not my real job of designing gardens, but my hobby. But it never would have happened if I did not just stop with my camera to admire her garden.

HolleyGarden said...

I agree gardeners are friendly, and usually want to talk 'garden' - their family members are probably sick of hearing about it! ;) You have some very talented gardeners living near you!

Chris said...

Toni: Oh, I would love to come and tour your garden! I'm sure that your guests will have a wonderful time.
One: Thanks! I, too, hope that they've been patient enough and will see their gardens in "print!"
Alistair: I don't doubt that you will - I know you've opened your garden in tours for others to enjoy.
Donna: Wow - that's an amazing story. How wonderful that you met!
HolleyGarden: Ah, our longsuffering families - my daughter just rolls her eyes when I get started. :-)

greggo said...

Chris, nice post. And you are correct gardeners are a nice bunch indeed. Living on a busy corner lot with lots of walkers, I get to have many conversations. It's the way it used to be, neighborly. And I love to share information and plants. I suppose I will admit it boosts my ego, but I try not to be prideful, it is a wonderful 'gift'.

Carol Flett said...

Yes, I was just doing the same yesterday. I went out specifically to take shots of Kilbourne Grove and stopped three times on the way to take pics of other gardens.

Carolyn @ Carolyn's Shade Gardens said...

I too love visiting people's gardens and talking about plants--just wish I had more time to do it.

Chris said...

Greggo: Sounds like you're in a great location and that you bring joy to many people as they pass by!
Carol: It's hard to resist - gardens are photos waiting to be taken, I think.
Carolyn: It's always a challenge to find time - I'm thankful to live in a very walkable neighborhood with some enticing gardens.

Donna said...

I am behind as well and have not been around to read but these are wonderful gardens from wonderful friends...can't wait to see more

Shyrlene said...

Chris - Thanks for sharing your travels. You have encountered some very talented designers.

I worked up enough nerve last summer to stop by a home gardener watering an amazing front yard garden; I was so surprised at her generosity when she offered to take me on a full tour. The backyard design was even more wonderful (I had only wished I had my camera with me at the time).

Lona said...

A gardeners favorite hobby, looking at gardens and talking about them.LOL! I love to look at neighboring gardens. Sometimes people come up with the greatest ideas. It is always fun to see different plants and combinations.We cannot wait to see what you found on your walks.Doesn't every gardener carry a camera with them? LOL! I even have a small one tucked into my purse. You just never know when you will run into a great garden.

scottweberpdx said...

Gorgeous post! Thanks for messaging me on Blotanical a while ago (just saw the message!). The best part is it led me to your blog! Can't wait to look through some of your older posts, too.

Lisa said...

Beautifully captured photos. I live the flower garden. So refreshing to look at.

I totally agree that gardeners are some of the friendliest people on earth. They love to share the beauty of their gardens which makes readers to feel great and refresh.

Lisa from video-guitar-lessons-personal-teacher

Toni - Signature Gardens said...

Where, oh where, have you gone??

Chris said...

Toni: You're more right than you know. We organized a wonderful service trip this summer... I managed to sneak in a few flower phots and hope it won't be too long until I can share some with you!

NHGarden said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful gardens. They are inspiring!

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