Sunday, October 20, 2013

Painted Pumpkins

  Definitely not your
Grandmother's pumpkins!
Decorating pumpkins is a beloved tradition in our home.
The typical jack-o-lantern is our usual style.

But this year,
my daughter thought it would be fun to
do something a bit different.

How about
painting our pumpkins?
After some research on Pinterest,
and a bit of inspiration from blogs
(check them out here, here and here),
we were ready get creative.

 Using painters tape as a guide,
we traced our lines in pencil.
Next, spray and acrylic paint
created the designs.
We then sealed the acrylic paint
before adding
puff paint accents.




 Painted pumpkins.
A whimsical take on an
old tradition.



Karin / Southern Meadows said...

I love the colors y'all picked for painting your pumpkins. Such a great activity to do with kids and fun for the grownups too!

PlantPostings said...

Those are great! I always enjoy carving and decorating pumpkins. Looking forward to it in the next few days. Nice job!

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