Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Filling the Frame with Autumn Beauty

I like Gardening Gone Wild's photo contest theme this month - Fill the Frame.
It's tough for me to be disciplined enough to
cut my photos down to the bare minimum. 
To keep only the elements that contribute. 
Sometimes I find the right balance.

I find the heart of the picture...

and zero in on it. 

Find beauty in the 
subtle color and elegant simplicity of form in
Cana Lily leaves.   

Or focus on
feathery fountain grass with a
fiery red echo. 
This is my entry in the contest.


Gail said...

very nice.

Bridget said...

Great pics! Love the one with the different Pumpkins.

Anonymous said...

You picked a nice one. Good luck. I too had a time figuring out which image to choose. Cutting them down to the frame seemed the easy part until I tried. After I read the second post from GGW, and too late for my entry, I thought the grasses the best choice, so hopefully, it works for you with your colorful and well composted image.

Jean said...

They're all really nice!

One said...

I believe you picked the right one. I prefer the first one but then thought the judge may prefer the last one. All the best.

Chris said...

Gail: Thanks for stopping by!
Bridget: Pretty pumpkins set the stage for fall, don't they?
Donna: I enjoyed your photos of the meadow field - your entry in the glowing twilight is beautiful.
Jean: Thanks. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful photo, too. Good luck to you!
One: Thanks for your encouragement! Your entry photo with the skipper is great.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Awesome! Love all the shots! Beautiful autumn!

Chris said...

Tatyana: Thank you! There were some beautiful autumn moments between storms here in PA!

Cat said...

Good luck to you! Grasses definitely tell the story of autumn...beautiful choice.

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