Friday, April 22, 2011

The Magic of Light

Gardening Gone Wild's Picture This Photo Contest theme for April is light. 
Light is such a critical element in photography,
and one that we usually can't control. 
We can only be in the right place at the right time and
use what we are given to its best advantage. 

I love how the interplay of light on the maple buds above enhances the detail.
But I struggle with lighting and am usually trying to make do with a less than ideal situation.
I was having issues with lighting that was too strong on my daffodils. 

I thought my problem was solved when a cloudy day provided even light. 
But the resulting photo seemed flat.
In the end, I chose the too bright version
which seems more dynamic than the flat values of this cloudy day version.

Every once in a while, magic happens.

Autumn light transformed this Cutleaf maple into a shimmering ball of fire.

Backlighting showcases this intricate branching, 
set off by the surrounding feathery glow.  
And so, I've chosen this Cutleaf Maple for my submission to the GGW photo contest.


Shyrlene said...

Great photos! Your last photo looks like a piece of art -- ready for framing.

Anonymous said...

All beautiful. I like the last image the best. The balance of the lights and darks and the sculptural quality if the composition is what draws me to the image. Your submission is also really nice because it is rare to get that 'right moment' capture. Best of luck.

p3chandan said...

I love the last image too...more so because of the dark intricate pattern of the branches stood out beautifully against the bright light that fell on the leaves!

Donna said...

great pics but the last one is stunning..I love that tree..good luck!!

Karin / Southern Meadows said...

Great choice! It is a gorgeous tree but the lightening you captured really shows it off and brings such a great mood to the scene. Best of luck!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Cool picture Chris! I love the structure of the tree, just beautiful. good luck!

Wife, Mother, Gardener said...

Beautiful entry! Their is so much beauty in the contorting stems of acers. The back-lighting highlights that very well.


Ramona said...

Magic certainly happened when you shot the beautiful image of the Cutleaf Maple tree! How old is the tree? Best of Luck!

Cat said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Best of luck to you!

Carolyn @ Carolyn's Shade Gardens said...

Gorgeous photo.

Aerie-el said...

What an excellent selection you've made for your entry. Good luck!

Chris said...

Shyrlene: When I saw the theme of light for the contest, my mind went immediately to that photo. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time.
GWGT: Yes, Cutleaf Maple branching has such a beautiful sculptural quality to it.
p3chandan: Thank you!
Donna: Thanks for your encouragement!
Karin: The lighting was just right for accentuating the wondrul form of the tree.
Janet: Thank you for your kind words.
Julie: Thanks. Cutleaf maples have such beauty and I'm glad to have had the chance to capture it.
Ramona: I appreciate your good wishes!
Cat: The compliment means quite a lot to me, especially coming from you. Your entry is wonderful. Wishing the best to you as well.
Carolyn: Thank you very much!
Aerie-el: I appreciate your vote of confidence!

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