Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

 Christmas decorating at our house is
decidedly homespun.

No competition for the best dressed home here.

We pull out the same old 
boxes of decorations again each year.
Many show signs of age and 
some aren't fit to be hung anymore.
I should throw them out...
but I probably won't.

Just seeing them takes me on a 
precious stroll down memory lane.

 First come a few
made by me way back when

Then ornaments made by special friends

Projects made with the kids
when they were young.

Slovak folk crafts

Gifts from friends

My son's first gift purchased on his own for me

And my favorite nativity scenes
to focus the attention on the
One the celebration is all about.

Decorating the Christmas tree
was a big deal when I was a kid.

A joyful ritual
accompanied by our
favorite Christmas music.

My dad in the thick of it, 
and in his glory.
A depression child, he was determined to
make Christmas magical for his children.

He did it well and
the memories are sweet.
Precious memories of family, fun
and the love that filled our home.

I'm blessed to now share 
Christmas traditions with my own children.

I'm hoping that our family will also
create memories filled with
riches that money can't buy.


Anonymous said...

I really like handmade ornaments and yours are so nice. They hold so much meaning and are made with love. I really like the one your friend made of the bell from wire. The one you and your kids made is so precious.

Elephant's Eye said...

I like the Slovak corn husk dollies. Such character in each little face.

p3chandan said...

Love your beautiful Christmas tree. Those hand-made decorations are more meaningful and hold everlasting memories than bought ones! Merry Christmas!

Bernie said...

I'm definitely a homespun fan! We've been pulling out the same Christmas trees and the same ornaments for nearly 30 years now ... it's always a fantastic trip down memory lane!

Love your tree and the ornaments are terrific! Gotta really love the decoration that was your son's first ever gift! Priceless and precious.

Meredehuit ♥ said...

And memories is truly what Christmas is all about. Love your tree!

Muhammad khabbab said...

Very impressive ornaments indeed and beautiful tree. Merry Christmas.

Janet said...

Christmas with children brings it back to when you were a child. Merry Christmas to you. Lovely ornaments, some look like they are from Germany. I see you are in south central PA... I went to college in your area. Where are you?

Chris said...

Thank you all for your kind comments! I'm glad that you enjoyed seeing our ornaments, and wish you all a joyous Christmas!

In answer to Janet's questions: All of the bought orrnaments are from Slovakia except two. My son's gift was bought in Vienna and the little wooden manger scene below that was bought in Oberammergau, Germany. We live in the Harrisburg area.

Janet said...

Chris, I was at Shippensburg....a million years ago.
Oberammergau is beautiful, we lived in Germany for seven years, love the ornaments.

debsgarden said...

My husband and I still have a few homemade ornaments from our first Christmas together, 35 years ago. We were too poor to buy ornaments, so we had a party and friends came over and helped us make some. Then there are those made by my children through the years and those we received as gifts. My tree is much like yours. I admire the theme trees and the contemporary beauties, but I love our tree filled with meaning and memories.

Merry Christmas to you, and may you receive God's richest blessings in the new year.

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