Sunday, December 12, 2010

Be Kind to Your Feathered Friends

 Birdhouses are a great addition to the garden.
Cavity nesting birds will thank you!  
With this simple element, you can 
help support the populations of native bird species, since 
development has disturbed natural nesting places.
And birds aren't the only ones who'll benefit. 

You'll not only enjoy watching birds nest and produce young,
but boost your garden style at the same time. 

A unique birdhouse can add personality and
function as a focal point. 
The multitude of styles means
a birdhouse can be found to fit any garden.
From organic like this gourd birdhouse....

to classic lines....

or a bit of whimsy.

fall or early winter is the best time to 
add a new birdhouse since cavity nesters may 
begin house hunting by mid-winter.

For more information on the benefits and criteria for birdhouses, check out the following articles by the Alabama Wildbird Conservation Association:
A Birdhouse in Every Garden
Birdhouses and the Birds That Use Them

Be kind to yourself 
and to our feathered friends.
Add a special birdhouse 
to your garden.


Anonymous said...

I give birdhouses as gifts quite a bit. My yard never got a bird in a house though. But my lilac tree had a robin's nest this year. i was so pleased. I don't care where they nest, just so they do.

One said...

We have quite a few bird nests around; on trees and roofs. We can't see the babies well but the adults visit all the time especially if my dogs do not finish their food.

Plantaliscious said...

Great post - bird boxes are a wonderful addition to any garden. I am currently bewitched by the antics of the Blue Tits nesting in our box, though the fact that they are still in situ means I can't clean it out...

Appalachian Feet said...

Beautiful birdhouses! The brown gourd is especially cool -- it stands out from other gourd type houses I've seen.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I received a beautiful bird feeder last Christmas and it will give me years of pleasure. :)

Anonymous said...

I like seeing all the different styles of birdhouses. Hubbie says he'll make a bat house for us this Cheistmas.

Chris said...

GWGT and One: I'm with you - happy for any bird's nest. What I had never realized is that some birds will only nest in a cavity. I learned something new.

Plantaliscious: Good for you, taking such good care of your birds and their houses!

Appalachian Feet: It's a pretty one, isn't it?

perennialgardener: Birdfeeders are another great addition. As a matter of fact, I should be tending to mine right now....

sierrafoothillgarden: Merry Christmas and enjoy your bat house!

Anonymous said...

Birdhouses add such whimsy and beauty to a garden, whether they are inhabited or not. But it's so rewarding when a bird family does choose one for their home!

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