Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Book Review - Gardening for All Seasons

As the days get shorter and temperatures drop,
I'm apt to be curled up under an afghan
with a book in hand.
Gardening books are a
great way to "get outside" and
get inspired for spring planting
while staying toasty warm inside.

One book you may want to consider
for your winter reading list:

The most unique aspect of the book is its focus on seasonal bloom times.  A "Palette" of plants is listed for each of the four seasons, with the lists organized by flower color.  These palette lists are a great help when planning a seasonal or year round show.  Just pick and choose from the lists to ensure that your garden has blooms going all season.

The Summer Palette includes specific instructions for cutting and conditioning a number of popular flowers as well as for drying flowers. 

What I like:
The organization of plants by bloom time makes easy work of planning a year round garden show - no need to painstakingly create your own lists.  I also like the information on cutting flowers.

Could be better:
The focus for seasonal interest is almost exclusively on flowers - don't forget foliage, form and bark.  Plant information is fairly general - you'll need to get detailed information from other sources. 

Gardening for All Seasons - A helpful resource 
for creating a garden with interest through the year.

Heat up the cocoa, shake out the afghan and
dust off the books....


fer said...

I miss having some reading material around. I haven't done much reading lately because I am still learning the language. I always look all the magazine photos tho

Anonymous said...

Good idea. It is getting cold outside, so lighting a fire can be added to sit by.

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