Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Daffodils and Daylilies Make a Great Pair

Trumpeting the coming of spring,
cheerful yellow daffodils
are always a welcome sight.
The catch is, they require advanced planning.  
You can't run to the garden center when spring fever hits,
and buy some daffodils to throw into the garden.
Fall is the time to plant bulbs for spring bloom. 
Ideally, they should be planted several weeks or a month
before the ground is frozen to allow time for establishment. 
But bulbs can be planted as long as the ground is sitll workable in the fall.
While you're planning ahead, consider interplanting daffodils and daylilies.
Daylily foliage looks similar to that of daffodils.

Pairing daffodils and daylilies 
solves that pesky dilemma of unsightly wilted foliage,
which needs to be left in place until yellowed
to nourish the following year's bloom. 
The similar looking daylily leaves
grow up around daffodil foliage, masking it. 
The unsightly mess is out of sight and you've
saved yourself the chore of trimming off the yellowed daffodil foliage.

Plant daffodils
in the fall for a
spring flower show!

 Happy Gardening!


Meredehuit ♥ said...

Timely post! I'm actually planting my Spring bulbs this afternoon. I'm determined to have a glorious Tulip show next Spring after several years of negelecting to purchase bulbs. I love the comment you left on my post: "each season has it's joys. And without winter, spring wouldn't be nearly so sweet." Gladly today is full of sunshine after yesterday's Storm, so I'm off to plant my bulbs.

Anonymous said...

They are a wonderful pair. I plant them together often. The leaves just blend.

Helen Lewis said...

What a great idea to pair daylilies with daffodils! I never thought of it!

Chris said...

The challenge is to get motivated in the fall. Good for you!

I see you have a post on bulbs as well - I'm looking forward to reading it. As you can see, I've already had to "borrow" someone else's photo for this post.

Helen -
I'm glad you stopped by were inspired by the post!

Ginny said...

Great idea. I've got to divide my daylilies soon and maybe I'll throw some daffodils in the mix at the same time!

Toni said...

This is a great idea!!!! I usually think ahead to what area will be bare in the early spring, and think about what will grow up to cover the daffodil foliage (but for some reason I never thought of daylilies!). I even drew a map to remember where I wanted to plant them this fall because the beds look so different with summer and fall perennials filling the beds now. Always great to learn a new tip. Thanks so much!!

Scilla said...

Beautiful! Haven't seen this combination before... I might try try it next year - a bit late for planting now...

Happy Halloween,

Chris said...

Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with your daylilies and daffodils!
You're very organized - it's always good to put things down on paper - what seems to vivid in my mind right now is vague when 6 months have passed.
I'm glad that you like the idea!

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