Friday, September 24, 2010

High Performing Perennials

Perennials add a powerful punch to the garden.  They're a great choice for adding color to the landscape.  Affordable, they provide long lasting enjoyment, require minimal care and can make a bold statement.  It's never been easier to fill your garden with perennials - an amazing variety are readily available.
Budget Friendly
While adding shrubs and trees may stretch the budget, perennials are easier on the pocketbook.  Not only can I afford to splurge on perennials more often, but that investment continues to pay dividends over time.  Perennials provide a reliable show year after year, saving on annual planting expenses.  After they're established, they can be divided to creat even more plants.  Although I know that groupings of plants have more impact, I often purchase only one and divide it before planting, or after it has become established.  I've been enjoying a new perennial planting that I created along my deck this spring solely with divisions of perennials from other beds. 
Easy Care
Perennials do you the favor of returning year after year, saving the hassle of purchasing and planting every spring.  Planted close enough so they cover the ground, they discourage weed growth.  With a good mulch cover and a pre-emergent herbicide applied in the spring, weeding and watering are minimized. 
Big Bang for the Buck
Perennials can provide large scale form and color.  Just one mass of flowers in a shrub planting can add a burst of color and interest.  By choosing plants with staggered bloom times, the show can last all season long.
Choices Galore
A wide variety of perennials are available almost evewhere you turn.  With the ever expanding selection tempting us, the choices can be overwhelming.  But with a few principles put into practice, you can create a stunning and easy care perennial show.

Fall is a great time to plant a perennial bed.  Retailers are discounting stock before winter.  Summer temperatures have moderated, willing us to enjoy the outdoors before winter sets in.  What better time to get gardening
and up the ante with a few perennials?
In the next few posts, we'll talk about garden
design and
choosing the right plants -

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